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Tips when selecting a quality wedding videographer. June 9, 2009

Posted by Damon Taylor in Wedding Photography.
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Tips When Selecting a Quality Wedding Videographer. Bookmark and Share

Now days wedding videography is becoming just as important as wedding photography. And in many ways the line between photography and videography are becoming blurred with the advent of new technologies. Many studios are offering both services and some work in a style known as Fusion which is a marriage of both mediums.

Wedding videography is a great way for couples to relive their once in a lifetime day. It becomes especially important when the couple are swept up in the whirlwind of events unfolding, it can often seem surreal. With the many details not having time to etch into the mind. Having a professionally made wedding film is the perfect keep sake and can also make the perfect wedding gift.

Questions to ask:

* Are they shooting in full 1920 x 1080 pixel HD? Or a lesser 1280×720 HD or even worse old style standard def.
* Will you get the original tapes with all the un-edited footage as well as your edited version?
* Will audio be captured using multiple sources . i.e. On the camera as well as a Lapel mic with external recording device. Do they have equipment to hook into your venues PA system?
* How long will delivery take. this may vary depending on the complexity of your selected package.
* Does you videographer have back-up cameraman? incase of sickness or injury?
* Does your videographer us a steadycam for smooth motion?
* Does the videographer offer a second camera-man?
* Does your videographer have any formal training or industry experience?
* Can your videographer supply web-hosting for your wedding highlights?


* Get a written contract outlining agreed upon terms.
* Contact videographer at least one month prior to your wedding to ensure everything is still good. Then again the week before.
* Get a receipt for your deposit.
* Is your videographer a professional? This is an important day with no re-shoots ! Pay a little extra and get a quality job.
* Look at their most recent work and be sure you like the style they use.
* Ask for a reference of a wedding they have shot in the last 6 months.

What to supply your videographer:

* Itinerary with all times and addresses of your movements for the day.
* Mobile phone numbers for key people who will have there phones with them.
* Play list for the music played at the reception
* If you package include a slideshow email scanned childhood photos. Do not give originals.

Written by Scott Thomas

Kiss the Bride Wedding Directory

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