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Posted by Damon Taylor in Celebrants.


Choosing a marriage celebrant for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. The ceremony is an integral part of your special day because it sets the theme for your celebration, and you want it to proceed smoothly and professionally. It is strongly suggested that (wherever possible) you meet with a prospective celebrant/s prior to making a decision. Ideally, both the bride and groom should be involved in this important process.

Prior to meeting a celebrant, you will probably be searching the web, hearing from friends, asking the reception venue management and browsing pamphlets etc for suggestions. This will give you a reasonable idea of what the celebrant offers regarding his/her services. When you have made the selection of celebrant/s you wish to contact, your method might be by email, telephone or even at a bridal fair. Questions you ask yourself might include:

  • Does the celebrant appear interested in you as a couple?
  • How do they speak and respond to your questions?
  • Are they personable & pleasant?
  • What do they offer as a celebrant?
  • Can they show you examples of their work?
  • What resources do they have available to assist you?
  • Have they or their work been acknowledged in any form?
  • Do you feel comfortable in their presence and can you relate to them and they to you?
  • Are they able to provide you with a unique and/or memorable ceremony?
  • Does the celebrant have a PA system with CD/MP3 capabilities, table & chair etc?
  • Does the celebrant offer all types of ceremonies – formal, relaxed, casual, themed, or fun?

One of the first things that a bride usually asks a celebrant is: “How much do you charge?” While this is a legitimate question, you are urged to consider the celebrant’s professional fee in the context of the whole wedding. Some may charge less than others while some will charge more. Remember that price is only one factor that you should consider when making your decision. You could also ask yourself:

  • Which to you appears to be the best value, considering all the questions above?
  • Would you pay more for your flowers or perhaps the hire of a limousine than you would for your celebrant?
  • Which part/s of the day are the most important?

Your celebrant should be available by telephone, email and in person to assist you as much as possible to make your day special. Remember – you need to feel comfortable with your choice of celebrant. The ceremony should be according to YOUR needs, expectations and wishes. If you don’t have any pre-conceived ideas, then the celebrant should be able to offer you a range of ceremonies and ideas to help you make your day memorable.

If you are unable, due to distance etc, to meet with a prospective celebrant, careful perusal of their website and personal telephone contact is suggested. Ask them to send you as much information as they can so you can then make an informed choice.

Remember – it is YOUR day, so your choice of celebrant is paramount.

Good luck!

Robert L Campbell CMC, J.P.(Qual)


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