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Perfect Wedding Dress Design Trends July 15, 2009

Posted by Damon Taylor in Wedding Dresses.

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With all the recent months of recession, a lot of couples have toned down their weddings, and we are seeing more of the relaxed casual affairs that are smaller, more intimate and special.

This has lead to a trend in venue towards garden weddings and receptions, and of course, with all our fabulous beaches, beach weddings are still very popular.

These sorts of venues create design trends for wedding gowns that centre around soft and/or structured…

That can mean a soft fluid wedding dress that is gorgeous with a deep neckline and delicate beaded diamante detail. Perfect for a laid-back, sophisticated wedding ceremony.

But, for those of us who would still love some support (who doesn’t really?), fitted corset bodices with sheer overlays and floaty skirts are sensational!

The structured corset gives a sexy hourglass shape while soft overlays can give a desired light and pretty effect.

A short structured bodice and a gorgeous overlay of embroidered tulle – would suit any garden wedding perfectly.

V-necklines show off a bit of cleavage in a tasteful way while soft draping over a structured bodice will give you great shape and support, yet still look soft and unrestrained.

Also, we have found that big skirts are back in demand! Corseted bodices with full skirts and layers of tulle are proving to be very popular again – with layers of tulle and bits of delicate lace on the bodice, finished off with a thin satin belt at the waist… very reminiscent of 50’s glamour.

A full wedding dress can look fantastic in any setting and you will undeniably be the centre of attention!

Although we in Australia are quite well off in the weather department compared to the rest of the world (I mean we get sunny 20 C days in the middle of winter!), it still doesn’t mean that we don’t feel the wind and chill. That doesn’t mean an unattractive large lumpy coat to cover your wedding dress! An Australian winter wedding can be quite fantastic with a fashionable and beautiful feather shrug, jacket or bolero, which would compliment any gown perfectly while still keeping you warm.

Different designs work for different body shapes and wedding styles so it is important to know what you love and feel comfortable in.

If you are feeling a little body conscious, then the style of a structured wedding gown can work really well. You don’t have to worry about any unwanted bumps showing, as the corset will hide all that for you!

Article by Karen Willis Holmes
(02) 9357 7810

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