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Are you looking for Affordable Wedding Invitations? July 25, 2009

Posted by Damon Taylor in invitations.

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In this article I will share with you how you can get great looking wedding invitations without blowing your budget.

I’m sure that during your wedding planning, you have heard many people say – “Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event so you have to be prepared to spend to get the best”. Well, only part of that statement is true- you should certainly get the very best however it doesn’t necessarily have to cost the world.

Here are some top tips for buying affordable invitations:

1. Buy wedding invitations online- Online stores which sell invitations are generally lower in cost than traditional printing houses as they don’t have all the set-up costs associated with running a physical store and thus the savings are passed onto customers in the form of lower prices. Just because the wedding invitations online are cheaper doesn’t mean they are of lesser quality. Quite the opposite. Look online now and you’ll find that there are literally hundreds of different and unique designs.

2. Shop around and purchase samples- Look at many websites before placing a full order. Purchase samples of all the wedding invitations you like so you can compare before finally make a decision on which one you want to order for your wedding. In your decision-making process, consider these important factors- Quality, Price, Service and Speed of delivery.

3. Take advantage of special offers and sales when available. A good idea is to subscribe to the newsletters of your favourite wedding invitation providers. That way you will always be the first to know when a special promotion or offer is running.

4. Ask suppliers if they have discounts for large orders. This is if you have a large guest list (ie. 100 or more guests) or are purchasing a large quantity of different items from one supplier.

5. Keep it Simple! When selecting a design, remember to keep it simple. Custom graphics coloured inks and large embellishments all increase the bottom line of your wedding invitations. Try to stick to one or two colours, and select a classic design that is clean and elegant.

6. Think about your printing options – The printing method you choose impacts the price, so go ahead and familiarise yourself with the common printing methods available today and their costs. The main types of printing used for wedding invitations are: Engraving, Thermography, Calligraphy, Offset printing and Laser printing. For example – Engraving, which results in raised print that is pressed through the back, is the most formal and elegant printing technique – but it will cost you. If your wedding budget is limited, laser printing is your least expensive option. It still looks great and saves you money at the same time.

Good luck in your search for your perfect wedding invitations. All it takes is a little patience and research and you’re on your way!

B Studio Wedding Invitations http://www.bstudioweddinginvitations.com

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