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Creating a unique style for your wedding August 11, 2009

Posted by Damon Taylor in Wedding Photography.

The most important part of any wedding day is the unique styles that are created by the bride and groom to make the day significant to them. The style that will set your wedding apart from every other, the personal touch that will be remembered long after the last glass of wine. So how can you create the unique style for your wedding that can subtly be enjoyed by all guests at the wedding?

The latest trend in weddings is to do it your way, use the colours that you enjoy and weave the traditions in with the way that you want your day to be experienced. Most importantly the day should be about the bride and groom and meet your needs and dreams. This is the first day of the next stage in your life, it needs to be special.

The first step in creating your style is to think about the interests and hobbies of both people getting married; can this be weaved into the day? What about how you always pictured your wedding day to be? Do you have a favourite colour, piece of music, food, drink, season of the year, era or event? Maybe you have a family tradition or heritage that you would like to showcase at your day. Whatever it is that you decide you should gently and subtly weave this ‘theme’ throughout your entire day, from invitations to table centerpieces to thank-you cards. The lighting, entertainment, food all elements of the day can come together to create a truly wonderful experience that is unique for your day and enjoyed by all your family and friends.

Be careful with your theming as it can be over done easily. Try to pick up on a couple of elements, be subtle – use the rule less is more. Remember that while your venue needs to look fantastic it also needs to be practical. Guests need to be able to put purses, jackets and cameras somewhere. They will want to have conversations with people at their table and also move around the room. You will need room for dancing, a gift table and bridal table.

Once you start planning your day there are so many decisions to make from photographers to venues, gowns, dresses and tuxedos, colours and designs. The list just goes on! If you have in your mind the style that you would like for your day, the decisions will be so much easier. A realistic budget also helps.

If you are having issues trying to work out what your unique style is or how you can subtly work it in to your day, within budget also, then talk to a wedding stylist. Your wedding stylist can lead you to a decision on what your unique style is and then help you to create a day that is all yours.

Visionary events & marketing can provide styling advice including ceremony venues – both inside and out. We have experience with gardens, gazebos and amphitheatres; conservatories and churches. Your ceremony is where the magic of the day happens and with the use of fabric, plants and candelabras a simple venue can be made elegant.

Your reception venue is where the celebration happens; this needs to be fun, stylish and celebrate the bride and groom. People will spend the majority of their time at your wedding in this room; so don’t be afraid to splash out on good quality decorations. Consider hiring them if you don’t want miles of fabric or heaps of candleholders left over. Flowers, candles, chair covers and table runners will all make a huge difference to the look of your reception venue. With a bit of imagination and creativity you can have a stunning reception venue, all within your budget.

With so many ways to personalize your day the sky is the limit….be creative and your day will look stunning and be truly about the bride and groom!

Visionary events & marketing has many years experience in event themeing and styling; let us inspire you to create an awesome wedding day.

By Rachel Kinscher
Visionary events & marketing

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